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Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Ministry ensures the pastor and deacons are informed of any sick or shut-in members or the passing of members or their loved ones. Maintain contact with members through cards, phone calls, and visitations. 

Children's Ministry

The Children's Church Ministry teach, train, and lead our children in worship and the knowledge required for a profession of faith in Jesus Christ according to II Timothy 3: 15-17, Ephesians 5:4, and Proverbs 22:5.  

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry procure food and supplies for church meals and oversee the usage and cleanliness of the kitchen and dining area.

Deaconess and Ministers Wives Ministry

The Deaconess and Ministers Wives Ministry is responsible for aide to the Pastor by providing assistance, council and comfort to those in need.  They shall visit the sick, those in prison as well as the helpless and shall guide the younger women with families spiritually, morally, and financially.

Deacons Ministry

The Deacons Ministry assists the pastor by doing benevolence work, to include visiting the sick and shut-in, serving Communion, providing relief to the poor, helping families in distress, and being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation; assist pastor with baptisms. 

Floral Ministry

The Floral Ministry ensures that appropriate floral arrangements are in the sanctuary for regular services and special occasions to beautify the church’s interior and grounds.  The ministry assumes responsibility for taking live arrangements to sick or shut-in members following the last worship service of the day.

Golden Circle

The Golden Circle Ministry consists of those who are 55 and older who comes together monthly for times of fellowship, growth, and learning opportunities through presentations, seminars, etc.

Greeters Ministry

The Greeters Ministry serves each Sunday by greeting our members and visitors while creating a warm and welcoming environment for the Church.

Hail and Farewell Ministry

The Hail and Farewell Ministry recognizes and honors the arrival and departure of members.

Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry encourages the men and boys of the church to participate in the total life of the church, inspire good church attendance, teach and practice the stewardship of giving, and encourage an interest in Christian education.  

Missionary Department

The Missionary Department is composed of a missionary circle within the Church.  The missionary circle is composed of three departments (Seniors, Young Adults, and Youth).  These departments form the nucleus around which the missionary work of the Church revolves.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry provides vocal and instrumental music that expresses reverence and worship of God that He may inhabit our praises.  It further seeks to minister grace to the hearers in communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ through traditional and contemporary music.

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry accept charge and responsibility to go and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We share the gospel of our salvation and hope through evangelistic outreach and ministry. We are diligent to present ourselves unto God that we may unashamed and correctly teach the Word of truth. We demonstrate the love of Christ in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of others. We develop meaningful relationships through fellowship and sharing. We grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have freely received and therefore we freely give.

Pastor's Aide Ministry

The Pastor's Aide Ministry assist the pastor with personal responsibilities such as maintaining his robes and overseeing the needs of the pastor's family.

Scholarship Ministry

The Scholarship Ministry is the churches agency for screening, reviewing and evaluating scholarship applications.

Seniors Ministry

The Seniors Ministry plan and implement fellowship activities and special projects for senior members of the church.

Trustee's  Ministry

The Trustee Ministry with proper stewardship, oversee the financial aspects of operating the church, making sure the church can meet its financial obligations, and ensure proper maintenance and church property are in proper order. 

Usher’s Ministry

The Usher's Ministry assist the pastor in greeting persons who enter the church in a friendly helpful, and warm manner.  They lead worshippers to their seats, serve the needs of the membership, and assist the officers in receiving the offering.

Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry exists to service ladies of all ages by sponsoring a variety of activities throughout the year which are designed to enrich individual spiritual growth and enhance the "bond of sisterhood."

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry helps youth to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; involve youth in all facets of church ministry;

encourage youth to share their faith with their peers; and develop socialization skills. 

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